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The Top 5 Actor/Singers

Back in the day there used to be an issue about actors trying to sing & making albums and singers trying to act & stealing movie roles (maybe Ice Cube should’ve just stuck to “singing”… so he would only be invited to the MTV Music Awards). My friends would argue, “Eddie Murphy should just act, why is he wasting time making albums, he is a HORRIBLE SINGER. And I would respond, “What? Doesn’t YOUR girl like to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time?” I love that song.

So, a couple years have passed by since that conversation. Now, it looks like the actor/singer and singer/actor have became much more acceptable to the public – and my friends. It made it a bit difficult for me to pick my TOP ACTORS WHO SING – but here are my favorites:

5. Anna Kendrick

I hate to admit it, but I used be somewhat of a hata’ in my younger years. I would see a skinny girl walk across the street with big boobs and good posture and think, “I hate her! That girl’s a whore!” I probably would’ve thought the same thing about Anna Kendrick back then. She’s cute, delightfully funny, and SHE’S the one singing this catchy tune I recently downloaded on my itunes? What a whore! But, now that I have matured, I can say, “I like her Cups.”

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I pretty much just chose this one for Duchess Dione. In case you haven’t heard, she kinda has a sorta “thing” for him (click here to see this) I think she already knows this, but along with his smooth moves, he’s a really smooth singer. Enjoy D!

3. Michelle Pfeiffer

Hopefully some of you will agree with me here – she had a pretty sultry voice in The Fabulous Baker Boys. But she only made my top 3 due to her fabulous vocal performances in Grease Two. Pink Lady Stephanie Zinoe was one of my biggest idols back in the day. I loved the way she chewed her gum and twirled it on her finger. She was a badass. Olivia Newton John as Sandy had nothing on Cool Pfeiffer… especially when she sang “Cool Rider.” What can I say, I’m a fan of the 80’s.

2. Ethan Hawke

So, in order to seem a little more “with it,” I’ll jump to one my favorites from the ‘90s. My #2 favorite actor who sings is Ethan Hawke~ specifically for his performance in Reality Bites. I had a huge crush on him in that movie. That’s when “dirty guys” were the IN thing – girls LOVED the dudes with the greasy hair, sweaty face, unkempt clothes and dirty skin. Ethan had that look D.O.W.N. What was hotter than Ethan standing alone looking brash? Ethan in a BAND, singing. Er, “singing?” Whatever, he was in A BAND.

1. Mark Wahlberg

Ok, so I might get in trouble for this one. I know some of you are thinking that Marky Mark Walberg is one of those “singers” who is trying to act. And some of you may be saying, Marky Mark Wahlberg does not “sing.” But hey, he was REALLY GOOD in 2 Guns and his current reality show, The Walburgers (I think brother Donnie named a WalBURGER after Jenny McCarthy in the last episode). Anyhoo, he earns the #1 spot on my list for his hilarious “singing” performance in Boogie Nights. This song makes me so happy. (And yes, it is another high five to my love for the ‘80s ;) ;)

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